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These articles target your most serious problems and help reduce what is holding you back. You can find additional article at my substack blog: tipon.substack.

How will humans survive and conquer this chaotic Physical Universe?

By Don Tipon | Sep 25, 2020
category: organizing/teams

The evolution of organization from cosmic chaos to supernatural organisms that can create new wonderful realities.

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Make lightning fast progress by leaping from the shoulders of giants

By Don Tipon | May 13, 2020
category: organizing/teams

Make lightning fast progress by using free knowledge from all the smartest people in history.

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How to make sense of chaotic relationships

By Don Tipon | Apr 11, 2020
category: organizing/models

This article explains why people have chaotic relationships and provides social models for logically choosing better social actions.

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Need help? 10+ ways to boost your productivity with powerful team strategies

By Don Tipon | Mar 11, 2020
category: organizing/teams

How to calculate the unbelievable power and benefits of a team compared to the abilities of an individual.

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Are you a failure? Not after you learn about human fallibility

By Dr. Michael Hall | Mar 5, 2020
category: thinking/framing

If you think you are a failure, this article explains human fallibility and why you are not a failure.

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Don't torture your mind with crazy concepts of time

By Don Tipon | Feb 7, 2020
category: physicalizing/motion

People have confusing concepts about time. They do not understand the meaning of the past, present and future. This article explains time and how to think logically about time.

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Does the Universe have a purpose?

By Don Tipon | Dec 16, 2019
category: organizing/teams

This search for the purpose of the Universe finds a simple, obvious, and life changing answer.

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How to go beyond meditation and mindfulness to protect your sanity

By Don Tipon | Dec 8, 2019
category: Thinking/meditation

Our world is more complex and psychological attacks destroy people's wealth, mind and life every day. You need advanced mental tools to help you keep your sanity.

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Why you are making big mistakes and how to fix it

By Don Tipon | Oct 30, 2019
category: Thinking/Basics

You are making big mistakes. Your problem isn't your intelligence, it's your ignorance. How to measure your ignorance and create competence.

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How to untangle Buddhist No-Self riddles to create powerful life strategies

By Don Tipon | May 5, 2019
category: selfing/history

A new way of understanding confusing statements and converting them into beneficial activities so you can achieve your goals.

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A revolutionary meditation guide: Match techniques to your abilities

By Don Tipon | Nov 17, 2018
category: thinking/meditation

For each technique read the mental condition and skill level that will benefit, how to test and modify to fit you, problems to avoid, mind goals plus strategies and tactics to get there. You can plan your entire growth path.

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Meditation moves your mind from chaos to peak performance when you know these facts

By Don Tipon | May 8, 2018
category: thinking/meditation

You can reduce your worry, stress, anxieties, and move your mind toward peak performance when you learn how meditation works.

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