Mission Statement

Aug 19, 2018

Our mission is to help you improve your knowledge and abilities so you can be more successful

The barriers to your success

You were born into a world with ancient human problems never solved, now compounded with an endless flood of modern complexities.

These challenges are surging thorough many dimensions such as psychological difficulties, relationship problems, technological attacks, economic competition, and world social conflicts.

You may master one, or more of these dimensions and yet succumb to one single remaining weakness.

To survive these attacks, you need deep insights, comprehensive understanding and a wide range of skills.

At FixYourThink.com, we provide break-through knowledge and training in all these areas. We want to help you improve your consciousness, knowledge, and skills; launching your abilities significantly higher so you can deal with these growing challenges and be more successful.

We provide articles and training on the following topics

The dimensions that we focus on are grouped into the following categories.

Personal growth: increase your self-awareness and achieve peak performance

  • How to apply meditation to understand and manage your mind.
  • How to reorganize and optimize all the parts of your mind into a single, high-performance organism.
  • How to apply psychological and other techniques to refine your mental operations.
  • How to understand your unique history, personality, preferences, and purposes.
  • How language can be misused and drive you crazy. How to properly use language for your maximum benefit.

Behavior: Design how you interface with the outside world

  • The principles of role design.
  • How to optimize the roles you play.

Relationships: The principles of one on one relationships

  • How to redesign Sociology into a science with new basic laws
  • Workable processes for managing relationships.

Organizations: The principles for creating and managing groups, teams, and world orders

  • The basic principles of social organizations. How to create them and manage them.
  • New rules about how large organizations interact.
  • How to understand world social problems and what is required to correct them.

Philosophy: New ways to understand your world and the theories presented in the above topics

  • How you know what you know: epistemology.
  • The fundamental principles of reality called metaphysics.
  • A metaphysical ontology that organizes all knowledge into a coherent, comprehensive, and self-correcting structure.
  • A sensible explanation of how life and consciousness emerge from simple physical phenomena.

How you will succeed

Ignorance causes confusion. Confusion causes errors. Errors degrade people, creating a vicious downward spiral.

With the knowledge provided by our articles and training, you will emerge from your ignorance.

With the understanding of what to do and how to do it, you will have the confidence and motivation to take action and the ability to grow your performance.

With your increasing understanding of our new social science, you will improve and enjoy beneficial relationships, social groups, and large organizations.

With your growing abilities to succeed against your challenges, you will be able to create a sane, productive and rewarding life.

This is your chance to grasp hope, and dream of a better future, for you, your family and all of mankind.

You can make significant improvements in yourself and your world. Seize this opportunity and start your journey to a better future.

Let's create a helping community

We want to assist others to be successful because we know that our survival and well being depends entirely on the stability, capabilities, and success of other people.

At FixYourThink.com we are dedicated to helping you.

To help you increase your knowledge, skills, and performance.

To help you take better care of yourself and be more successful.

And for you to be able to help others do the same.

Through constructive contributions by people who assume responsibility, the world will be a better place.

And together, we can enjoy a better life.