Make lightning fast progress by leaping from the shoulders of giants

Leaping from the shoulders of giants

By: Don Tipon       Date: May 13, 2020
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Never before have people faced such mentally challenging choices.

People have always faced life-and-death situations. But in the past, they were so simple. As simple as if you step to your left you die or if you step to your right you live. Really easy choices.

But in our modern world, you must understand events and trends in all localities from your neighborhood to the global theater.

You must function in multiple advanced technologies such as computers, high finance, physical health sciences, and mental health sciences.

And, yes, your life and the lives of your family depend on you solving all the riddles in this vast array of subjects.

How can you possibly get the knowledge you need?

Well, this article provides strategies for increasing your understanding by a thousand times or even a million times.

You will make giant leaps in your knowledge and abilities by learning from the smartest people in history.

I call this working with a Dead Men's Team.

What is the Dead Men's Team?

Civilizations have collected enormous amounts of knowledge for thousands of years.

Millions of the smartest people who ever lived generated this information.

When you use this valuable body of knowledge, you are working with a team of geniuses.

Dead geniuses.

That is why I call it a Dead Men's Team.

Now let's see why a Dead Men's Team is so powerful.

8 reasons to use a Dead Men's Team.

You don't have to pay dead men.

Dead men don't have to eat. They don't have living expenses, families to feed, health care cost, or retirement concerns.

All expenses for their work, blood, sweat, and tears have been paid.

As long as your civilization maintains a library of past achievements, the information will patiently wait for you.

It's as if they are your slaves.

Dead men are the most obedient slaves.

Dead men have no demands on your time. You don't have to communicate periodically, ask them how they are doing, or wish them well.

They do not require social niceties.

You don't have to cultivate a social bond.

There is never any resistance, backtalk, competition, arguments, or rebellion.

Dead men are very low maintenance.

They patiently wait for you to ask for their life's work.

And when you finally ask for their help, their response is absolutely amazing.

Your fastest and greatest progress.

For thousands of years, the smartest people have worked on problems you are facing.

If you could understand only one percent of this knowledge, you would qualify as a genus and be immensely successful.

Even if your ancestors did not solve your problem, you can learn from their efforts. You don't have to repeat their mistakes. You build upon their work.

Whenever you use this powerful body of knowledge, you stand on the shoulders of giants and leap through thousands of years of progress.

And civilization makes it so easy.

Accessing knowledge is very efficient.

Successful cultures know that their collected knowledge is their most powerful tool for surviving and prospering.

So societies maintain this information and make sure it is easily available to all citizens.

In our modern world, there are multiple ways of accessing knowledge. There are books, journals, and other printed reference materials.

Other sources are the radio, audio recordings, television, and video recordings.

But the best method of all is the Internet.

The Internet is the fastest, lowest cost, and most efficient way of getting the information you need.

Internet search engines allow you to find what you need fast, and efficiently.

It's the largest body of knowledge.

Our civilization has collected far more knowledge than you will ever understand.

And it is all at your fingertips. When you do searches for information at libraries or on the Internet you get more material than you can read.

The Dead Men's Team is a far better source of information than any teacher.

You get the presentation that is the easiest for you to understand.

Every expert and teacher has their quirks. Their unique way of thinking and communicating.

Direct communication with people is often incomplete, difficult to understand, and tedious to decipher.

But published reports are easy to understand because authors work thousands of hours to polish their written works and display their communication skills.

And if the presentation you found makes little sense to you, you can quickly find many other presentations in formats to fit your personal needs.

Dead men's knowledge is the most reliable.

Millions of people in a society will analyze, test and verify important ideas.

If they find any deficiencies or errors, they will proudly brag about their discoveries.

Critics will also provide alternatives, exceptions, and improvements to ideas.

All this work makes Dead Men's Teams is a better source than talking with people.

Plus, there are endless social complications when you work with people.

Avoid disasters that occur when working closely with people.

People often harm others, even when they are on the same team.

They think they are doing the right thing. But their subconscious instincts, emotions, and habits corrupt their thinking. You can read about how subconscious urges cause people to hurt others in the article "5 Secrets You Need To Know About Predators to handle problem people."

To break free from robotic thinking, a person must calmly watch their thoughts as if those thoughts belonged to someone else. You can learn this skill using the meditation techniques described in "A revolutionary meditation guide: Match techniques to your abilities."

Even when a person can calmly watch and control their thoughts, they will still make ignorant decisions that harm others. They need the secrets about thinking properly which are explained in the article "Why you are making big mistakes and how to fix it."

People can be excellent thinkers but still hurt team members if they don't understand how teams work. The article Need help? 10+ ways to boost your productivity with powerful team strategies describes the basic principles of teamwork.

When you consider all the wisdom required, it's not surprising that most people harm others. They are not evil people. They just don't have the knowledge and training to be productive team members.

By using the information in the articles mentioned above, you can avoid problem people and harmful teams. You can decide when a Dead Men's Team will give you faster and better results than working directly with live people.

What exactly is a Dead Men's Team?

So far, I have given you a simple definition of a Dead Men's Team. You need a more detailed description to maximize your benefits and minimize your costs.

But as explained in the article, "Why you are making big mistakes and how to fix it," humans can not think about all unique things in the universe at the same time. Our brains are not big enough. So we simplify our models of the Universe by grouping things into classes and treat everything in a class the same.

I will define the class of Dead Men's Teams so it will include a wide range of varied teams. The definition will not be exact and some teams in the class will not fit the definition very well. But these are the unavoidable problem with using classes.

So the following are the primary characteristics of a Dead Men's Team.

Socializing not required.

Dead men don't require the usual social niceties.

You will not have a rendezvous with a live person.

You don't have to schedule time, make an appointment, and travel to meet people.

There are no hellos or goodbyes. No “How are you?”

You don't ask about their family, job, or any other personal information.

You don't have to be respectful, responsive, or polite.

Instead, you rudely rampage through whatever published material you can find with only one goal. Get what you want as quickly and easily as possible.

Optimizing your efficiency and your benefits is the only thing that counts.

Now let me explain how this requirement also applies to live people.

Any publications which you can easily get at a low cost will satisfy this requirement. The authors do not have to be dead. If you can purchase a book without socializing with the author, it's the same as buying a book written by a person who died a hundred years ago.

I named it the Dead Men's Team only to emphasize that it is nonsocial which makes it efficient.

So any helpful relationship that requires little, or no socializing fits into this class.

This explanation greatly increases the number of activities that qualify.

Risks are low and limited.

When you work directly with people, you normally have to negotiate who does what. Then you promise to complete your tasks. Often, your commitments come with unpredictable difficulties. The demands upon your time, wealth, and health may be undefined and unlimited.

But when you are working with a Dead Men's Team, you don't have these risks.

For example, you can find many helpful services on the Internet. And there are often competing providers.

Choose the service where your commitments and risks are well defined, limited, and low, and your benefits high.

The more control you have, the better.

You control the cost.

Dead men make no claims on their valuable contributions to society.

Living people will try to charge you for old knowledge.

But usually there are multiple sources, and you can choose the offer that works best for you.

If the information you want is in a book, you can check the prices at bookstores, discount stores, Internet online stores, or even the Good Will store.

Or even better, you may find free copies, reviews, summaries, updates, and critiques on the Internet or public libraries.

Reading the latest updates and critiques could save you a lot of time and money.

You ruthlessly control your costs.

You control the value you receive.

Do your best to find out the value of what you are getting.

Find reviews from other sources on the Internet.

Compare it with similar products.

The value of a product for you depends on your unique situation. The cheapest may not be the best for you.

Pay for the product with a charge card and if it was misrepresented, return it, get a refund or cancel payment through your credit card company.

You control the exchange efficiency.

If you control all aspects of the exchange, you can make it very efficient.

For instance, I hate watching slow videos on the Internet. I have made the mistake of watching a video for thirty minutes only to discover that it was a waste of my time. Now I usually speed up the play rate to 1.5 and sometimes faster. Or I jump to the end of the video and look for a summary or conclusion. If the end is interesting, then I listen to the entire video. Otherwise, I skip it. If I find a transcript, I visual scan it in one tenth the time but still get the important ideas.

How is the exchange done? Does it require a 5G telephone or some other exclusive and expensive communication channel? When you control the exchange method, you can use what you already have or pay for the lowest cost transfer method.

What is transferred? It could be a live presentation, a video, audio, bound book, or a digital version. When you dictate the format of the material, you can choose what is easiest and most efficient for you. You may want to listen to an audio recording as you ride to work. Or you may want a digital text copy for your smartphone to read whenever you are not busy.

When does the transfer occur? If you don't know when it is coming, do you have to wait for it and does this hold you up and waste your time? Asynchronous transfers similar to email are best. Email is fast, and it will wait in your inbox until you have time to read it.

Where does the exchange occur? If you live in Los Angeles but they deliver the product only in New York, you have an enormous problem. When you control the exchange location, you can save a lot of time and money.

There are many types of Dead Men's Teams.

Let's look at a few activities that qualify as a Dead Men's Team.

Books, journals, Internet blogs, and other types of published materials will be your most complete source of knowledge.

But before you dive deep down into an unknown subject, you will need aggregators that collect information about your target subjects.

An excellent example is "" This website covers almost all subjects. And it provides introductions, overviews, and summaries. It often goes into more detail than you require.

Wikipedia also provides the history, recent developments, and critical analysis of many subjects. Plus, helpful links to references and related topics.

Other aggregators are Internet blogs, discussion groups, and free email newsletters. These require a little more social interaction, but not much.

Another productive source is book reviews. For example, you can read reviews on and "" Some reviews give you a summary of the book, criticisms of the ideas, and even links to better books.

Online fund raising services are very low cost and very high benefit. The websites and meet all the requirements of a Dead Men's Team. And that is true for the person who donates and for the person posting a project.

I enjoy looking through the projects on Kickstarter. I am also amazed that they have successfully launched over 180,000 projects with almost five billion dollars of funding.

There are low cost or no cost online educational services. These are low commitment, low maintenance, and you have complete control over all the characteristics.

These are just a few examples. When you begin looking you will be surprised how many you find.

So many, you need strategies to manage them.

5 strategies to get the most out of your Dead Men's Teams.

Dead Men's Teams will be your primary source of your personal improvement because they are so efficient. But you need the following conscious strategy to maximize your benefits.

Join a lot of Dead Men's Team.

You can afford to join a lot of Dead Men's Teams because they are low cost and low maintenance. And the more you join, the more you benefit.

Be selective.

The biggest problem is there are far too many. But since you are in complete control, you can be choosy.

Look for the team that best meets your goals for subject, costs, and efficiency.

Upgrade your teams often.

Low risk and low commitment mean that you can instantly drop a Dead Men's Team. You lose nothing.

Constantly upgrade to teams that give you higher performance.

Your goals will be changing. Especially if you quickly achieve your goals by using the right teams. Then you will have new goals and need new teams.

Other qualities.

Your progress depends on the teams you use. To maximize your progress, you must constantly evaluate and upgrade. I have talked a lot about measuring costs and benefits, but there are additional important qualities.

How trustworthy is the source? Is the source often inaccurate? Do errors from the source cause you problems? Do you have to spend a lot of time doing fact-checking? Find the most reliable sources.

Does the source give you breakthrough information? Or is the information common knowledge and not very useful. How powerful is the information for your specific situation? Does the information solve a specific problem or does it change your entire world? Look for teams that make enormous improvements to your abilities.

Is the source itself growing or is it stagnant? The best are those that can help you continue to grow.

When you are looking for enormous gains, you will be susceptible to frauds that promise the moon. Be suspicious of anyone that demand high commitments, risks, and costs.

Organize your teams.

Most people have a lot of goals. Each goal could use several Dead Men's Teams.

The priority of a team will depend on how helpful it is and the priority of the goal it helps.

You will probably have so many teams that you cannot keep them in your head.

You may need to use a computer spreadsheet to keep track of all their changing qualities. After you develop a method, you may mentally manage your teams.

Saving links to some of your teams as bookmarks in your Internet browser will help organize. You can group similar ones into a named folder in your bookmarks.

Don't neglect your other teams.

While Dead Men's Teams are your primary source for growing your personal skills, you must be an upstanding team member of society to use their knowledge. And there are other teams you need.

You will always need a close-knit team such as a family. These are the people who help you do the things you need to do every day to survive and be healthy.

There are many other types of teams that you need. I briefly describe these teams in the document "Need help? 10+ ways to boost your productivity with powerful team strategies."

Leap from the shoulders of giants.

Now you understand the immense power of Dead Men's Teams.

Now you know they are low cost, low commitment, and low risk.

Now you know they are so efficient that you can join many Dead Men's Teams.

Now you know how to find them, use them, and dash on to other teams after you have achieved your goals.

This is your opportunity to increase your skills and productivity by leaps and bounds.

Don't waste a moment. Launch your Dead Men's Teams.

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