Does the Universe have a purpose?

Looking at the Universe

By: Don Tipon       Updated: Dec 16, 2019 | Original: Dec 9, 2013
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Does the Universe have a purpose?

Is the Universe good. Or is it evil?

Or, maybe it has no purpose, and nothing matters.

To my surprise, I found a simple, obvious, and life changing answer.

But, to find that answer, I had to ask the right question.

Let me explain how I exposed the powerful and life changing purpose of the Universe.

Looking in all the wrong places

Many famous scientists and philosophers have argued that the Universe has no purpose. They analyze the physical nature of the Universe, from sub-atomic particles to galaxies. They conclude that the cosmos has no consciousness, intent or purpose.

I agree, physical objects do not have intent. But, that is not the question.

Religious people often claim the beauty and order of our Universe must be a grand design created by a God.

Opposing arguments say these phenomena are not evidence of intelligence, but the result of accidents or the product of a multiverse (infinite parallel universes) that eventually generates incredible wonders.

I concur. Physical phenomena, no matter how beautiful, cannot prove intelligent creation.

Even if a God created the Universe, we would still have to guess at his intent.

Other philosophers proposed that if humans have a purpose, then so does the Universe, because we are part of it. This argument avoids the question about the Universe and inserts a more difficult question. Does humanity have a purpose?

These approaches to the question cannot produce a useful answer.

But, that is because they are asking the question in the wrong way.

I find the answer by asking the right question

To discover the purpose of the Universe, we must ask a question that points to a meaningful answer.

I suggest the following question.

“Does the Universe influence humanity and what are the results?”

I must warn you that the initial answers are not comforting. But, I later reach a valuable conclusion.

The Universe is vast, powerful and destructive. There are an infinite number of ways the physical world can destroy humans. At any moment, an asteroid could hit planet Earth and pulverize everything into cosmic dust. The dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid and humanity could just as easily go — poof.

The world treats humans as if they are insignificant and entitled to nothing.

Some interpret our world as cruel and antagonistic to humans. From that viewpoint they may create destructive personal beliefs.

But, the Universe does have positive effects on humans.

The Universe challenges, threatens and demands that humans develop skills and acquire knowledge. Humans must be aware, intelligent, adaptive, progressive and self-reliant. It encourages specific character traits and discourages others.

So, the Universe influences humans and all other life forms by selecting the strongest to survive and evolve.

But, these goals of being the strongest and surviving often causes people to harm others.

That is not the purpose of the Universe.

The real purpose of the Universe

There are many human characteristics that contribute to a person's strength and survival. Things like physical strength, intelligence, emotional maturity, attitude, knowledge and many others.

But instead of getting lost in an endless list of human qualities, I will cut to the one factor that is many times more powerful than all the others.


Why teamwork?

Consider a basketball game, where a team of five players competes against one person. Obviously, a group of five will easily beat a single person.

Even if both teams have five players that work together, the team with the best coordination is almost always the winner.

People who form teams and apply cooperation, synchronization, collaboration and other social skills are many times more successful than people who work as individuals.

On Earth, species that work as a team are the most likely to survive. This powerful natural law has selected honeybees and many other social species as evolutionary winners.

Humans are the most successful species on the planet because they are the most social.

The Universe guides the evolution of humanity by rewarding people who work together. Teams are more productive, powerful, and successful.

But the Universe always demands more. If humans don't evolve further, we will eventually be wiped out by an asteroid or some other global catastrophe.

And the only thing powerful enough to save us is a massive group effort by humans.

We must learn how to work together so we can blast away any approaching asteroid. And when our Sun dies, we must move our civilization to other solar systems. These tasks require humans to achieve a much higher level of teamwork.

The purpose of the Universe is to encourage and demand species to improve their social and organizational abilities.

The dangerous path to better teams

If teamwork is so powerful, should you run out and join every group you can find?

Definitely not.

Every person learns at an early age that teaming up with others can be a big mistake.

We have all had many bad experiences with teams that were more self destructive than beneficial.

But the only reason a team fails is because the team members don't know how to be good team players.

Most people don't have good team skills.

That is because the most difficult thing you can do in this world is organizing a bunch of people into a team.

We all need to learn more about social interaction before we can create better teams.

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